Kristen Idrettskontakt ønsker å bevare, inspirere og vinne idrettsfolk til kristent liv både i idrettslag og menighet.

About KRIK

What is KRIK?
Kristen Idrettskontakt (KRIK)/ Christian Sports Contact is a children and youth organization who want to create awareness, inspire and win people to Christian life through sports activities with a strong focus on fellowship. KRIK is Norway´s largest Christian meeting place for young people who like sports.  In Norway, KRIK has about 15 000 members, 300 local branches and has about 6000 youngsters at Christian sports camps each year. In addition, KRIK works with about 20 000 participants and leaders in East Africa.

The main objectives of KRIK are:
  • Inspiration to live a Christian life
  • Win people to Christ
  • Give guidance about faith, ethics and sports
  • Create enjoyment
  • Challenge to take assignments and responsibility in sports and church
  • Develop personal contact, fellowship and friendship
What can KRIK offer your church youth group?
  • Support in starting and maintaining a local sports team
  • Opportunity to participate in various sports camps in Norway (youth and families)
  • Contact and fellowship with other sports teams including tournaments
  • Youth leadership development and training
What is a local team?
A KRIK local team is an opportunity for the children and young people to combine both the joy of sports and the Christian faith. The local team is started and fully managed by the local leadership. There are many activities a local KRIK team can choose to be involved in.  Some meet in sport halls, football fields, parks, volleyball fields etc. A local team can decide to have both winter and summer sports. There are also separate  local teams for families where parents and their children gather to enjoy themselves. What is common to all the groups is that during the meetings, there is a break to have devotion. In this way the Christian message becomes a natural part of the group.

KRIK encourages new ideas and big thinking. We are ready to help develop any new idea on how local groups can be made more relevant and effective.

How to start a local team
It is very simple! Just get a group together and select the name and the leaders for the group. Fill out a simple KRIK application form and membership registration form and you are ready to go!

Management of local team


There is a membership fee of 100 NOK per year per member that goes to support KRIK´s work both locally and nationally.

KRIK receive state support determined by the number of members less than 26 years. Part of this money will be shared on the local team. This means that when a local team is applying for support from KRIK, the number of its members who are under 26 years decides how much the local team gets. A local group should have at least 5 members who are under 26 years but there is no age limit to membership.

New local team has an opportunity to apply for a start-up support of up to 8000 NOK. All the registered local teams can also apply for normal operation funds. The amount depends on the number of members of the local team.  This money must be applied for before the 1st of November.  If the local team arranges an activity outside the normal activities, it can apply for a project support from KRIK.

Annual Report
Every year, local teams submit annual reports. This is the easiest annual report in history. It only takes 1.5 minutes to fill out!  All approved local chapters must have submitted annual reports before the 1st of February.

Trainings and activities organized by the local team are not covered by KRIK´s insurance cover.

Help and contacts
Paul Atina Omayio – and/or Bjørnulf Tveit Benestad –
10. sept til 18. nov
En høst som kan forandre livet!
11. okt til 15. okt
Gode familiedager i høstfjellet
20. okt til 22. okt
28. okt til 28. okt
Sammen om å gi!
3. nov til 5. nov
Hvordan føre en samtale?
10. nov til 12. nov
Bli med på leir med KRIK Fotball!
24. nov til 26. nov
Få max uttelling i parforholdet
28. des til 1. jan
Den BESTE måten å feire nyttår på
8. jan til 12. jan
Datoen for KRIK PULS 2018 er klar
19. jan til 21. jan
Oppfølging kurs 1
22. jun til 26. jun
En konfleir fra øverste hylle!
26. jun til 30. jun
En pangstart på sommeren!
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